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How long before bed should you stop eating?

October 25, 2022

The majority of us have our largest meal at the end of the day. However, eating too much, too late can affect your sleep.

When to stop eating before bed

Eating late, especially large amounts of food, can make it difficult to fall asleep as our body digests and releases energy at a time when we don’t need it.

Ideally, it’s best to have your last meal at least three hours before bed. This gives your body enough time to start digesting. Eating too close to bed has the potential to affect our body’s sleep-wake cycle as it can confuse the body and signal wakefulness, affecting our ability to nod off or leading to awakenings throughout the night. 

If you find yourself feeling hungry before bed, a light snack after your dinner or slow energy-releasing food is a good option.


Have your largest meal earlier in the day

Depending on your schedule, sometimes it’s not always possible to eat your last meal hours before bedtime. Making breakfast or lunch your largest meal of the day and having a lighter dinner in the evening can be another way to ensure you’re getting your daily food intake whilst reducing the likelihood of a bad night’s sleep.

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