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Powered by patented PureTone Motion technology, Sleepwave transforms your phone into a contactless motion sensor


Patented motion sensing technology

Our PureTone Motion technology uses the phone’s speaker to transmit an inaudible sound wave and senses your movements by listening for reflections using the microphone.

Our breakthrough technology utilises the phone's existing hardware to track movement and breathing.

Motion detection is vital for sleep tracking as whenever we move in bed we are naturally more awake.

Sleepwave's motion-sensing technology enables advanced estimation of sleep depth, wakefulness and breathing rate and powers a smart alarm that works in sync with your body movements.

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Complete privacy
No audio recording
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No personal data

Questions about Sleepwave's technology?

Where should I place my phone?

For best accuracy, we recommend placing your phone above mattress level on a side table or a stack of books if you don’t have one. The microphone should be facing towards you and not covered. We also recommend you have your phone charging if it has under 50% battery.

Woman sleeping with Sleepwave app
Sleepwave sleep cycle phases and sleep calculator data

What does Sleepwave do with my sleep data?

Sleepwave uses your phone’s microphone to detect movement but no audio data leaves your phone. Any technological data collected to enhance our algorithms is fully anonymised. This cannot be used to identify you.

We respect your privacy, so we do not collect any personal data such as age, gender or anything else about you.

Does Sleepwave work if you share a bed with a partner or pet?

Our technology has high sensitivity so it may detect movement from a partner or pet, however the audio signal analysed by Sleepwave will be strongest for the person sleeping closest to the phone.

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Do animals hear the tone?

Similar to human brains, animals are naturally inclined to notice moving objects or changing sounds compared to those that remain static or fixed. Sleepwave plays a constant, pure tone that is very quiet, significantly reducing the likelihood of an awareness response.

Our founder, Jules, has a fluffy dog named Mochi who doesn't notice when the tone is playing.

Is Sleepwave safe to use?

Yes. Sleepwave plays a very quiet, high-frequency tone which most people cannot hear. The energy projected is much quieter than many sounds from other electronic devices and general ambient noise.

If you are sensitive to it, you can take a "sound check" test within the app which helps you find an alternative setting.

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