How Sleepwave Works

Sleepwave has invented patented PureTone Motion technology, which tracks movement using inaudible sound waves

Sleepwave smart alarm clock time picker

Smart alarm clock

Whenever we move in bed our brain is naturally more alert. Sleepwave’s unique technology senses your movements and wakes you gently when you're primed to wake up well.

Wake Up Window

Set a time window of anywhere between 15 minutes and 1 hour and the smart alarm will wake you at a great moment

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A progressive alarm app that works. I’ve tried others and gave up until I found this one. I love being gently woken up. It starts my day out much smoother.


Sleep tracking app

By transmitting a silent sound wave from the phone’s speaker and listening to the reflections with its microphone, Sleepwave accurately detects motion within 2m of a phone, enabling advanced estimation of:

  • Wakefullness
  • Sleep Depth
  • Breathing Rate
  • Onset
Sleepwave - sleep cycle phases graph
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I am intrigued and interested by the patterns of light and deep sleep and the spectrum and data. I am glad it shows when I am awake and when I have reached deeper sleep. I like the phase section a lot as it is very clear in terms of showing the quality of my sleep and length in terms of light, deep and REM sleep which I was most interested in.

Debra P

Original sleep music and calming sounds by Sleepwave

Why should a wake up be alarming? Choose from original alarm sounds composed by renowned musicians, or gently rise with a series of “gentle awakening" soundscapes that start before the main alarm.

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Apple Music Integration: Fall asleep or wake up to your favorite music or select from playlists.

Sleepwave Original sleep music, nature sounds
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No more jumping out of my skin when the alarm goes off. Now I am able to wake up naturally. I appreciate the nature sounds at night as well to help me fall asleep. Very easy to use. Worth every penny

Jeremy Grisel

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